So, true story…not so long ago we were taking our own first steps into a life of married bliss, and we needed to arrange our wedding rings.

The concept of buying our wedding rings with a home visit service was a new one on us. But we really liked the idea. It suited our lifestyle and it worked in well with our wedding plans.

In fact, we liked the idea so much we went on to set up our own home wedding rings business.

So here’s 10 reasons – and an extra bonus one – why it’s a great idea to buy your wedding rings at home with a home wedding rings service.

1. Save time

Save time watch

A home visit normally lasts between 1-2 hours. Compare that with travelling to town, and trekking around various jewellers, and you can see that a lot of time can be saved.

In some cases, you might browse and pick out your ideal rings in the time it takes just to reach a jewellery store that you like.

2. Take your time

‘Hang on! Didn’t you just say it saves time?’

Yeah, it might sound like a contradiction, but buying at home also means you can take as long as you need, without feeling rushed, to decide on your rings and to make sure you’re 100% happy with them.

If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, just being able to sit down and chat while you try on lots of different ring styles, grouping together those that you like, and then picking out your favourite one is great.

You could even select your favourite features from different rings and combine them into one bespoke ring.

3. An extensive wedding ring collection comes to you

extensive wedding ring collection

Since a home service specialises in rings and only rings – lots of rings – you get to view the extensive range of a specialist jewellers right there in your home. No need to go to the mountain as the old saying goes.

It’s all wedding rings, all the time!

Ok, so here at I Do Wedding Rings we also cater for eternity rings and engagement rings. But you get the point: a home wedding rings service isn’t selling everything from necklaces to charm bracelets and carriage clocks like a general jewellers might.

Fair warning though! The sight of hundreds of wedding rings in your living room might make you a little giddy!

You might even go a bit like this:

4. Receive the full attention of your jeweller

We all like to be listened to and heard, and to know that the person we’re talking to is interested and keen to help.

We like the personal touch and friendly service.

With a home service you’re the only customer. No interruptions and no busy, overworked, inexperienced or disinterested staff to deal with.

Instead there’s:

  • Someone who’s come to see you specifically
  • Someone who actively wants to know what you like and are interested in
  • Someone who’s prepared to take their time with you if you’re not certain what you’re looking for.
  • Someone who knows the right questions to ask and who can help you consider all your choices – particularly if you’ve never worn a ring before

Having a friendly and attentive person to guide you can make all the difference to the experience, and to your confidence in the rings that you eventually decide upon.

5. Buy in a relaxed setting

coffee and cake

Being in the comfort of your own home means you’re naturally more relaxed. There isn’t the pushy sales pressure that you can find in some stores.

You’ve got the time to think about exactly what you’re looking for, and to share ideas and images with your agent.

If there’s a photo you’ve saved on your phone, or a ring description you’ve written down, share it with them as they guide you through the collection.

Have a cup of tea while you browse – ‘milk and one sugar please’ – or a glass of wine. And just enjoy looking through trays of different rings in your own time, and discussing your ideas and budget.

6. See and try on more rings than you would in one shop

When you’re buying in a shop, there can be the sense for many people that you don’t want to take up too much of the salesperson’s time. As a consequence, you might only try on a few of the styles that you’re most attracted to.

How many times have you found something you love that you initially weren’t sure you would?

Seeing a ring on your finger can make you feel very different towards a ring’s design compared to when you first set eyes on it – the harsh light in a shop, for example, can be very different to the natural light outside and to the softer lighting in your home.

Being able to try on many different styles during your home visit can really help you get a sense of exactly what it is that you like, and don’t like, about different ring styles.

It can give you a stronger feeling of satisfaction when you do decide on the design that’s right for you.

Also, along with the standard customisation options available, there’s the ability to style your own bespoke wedding rings, and the option to shape your wedding ring to fit around your engagement ring.

The possibilities for personalisation and to create fully customised rings gives you huge potential to select and style wedding rings that are unique to you.

7. Find it easier to make a choice

greengrocers fruit and veg

We’ve probably all experienced this at some point; you’re looking at lots of things you like and yet you can’t make a decision.

We get it; sometimes it’s just hard to make a choice when there’s so many options out there.

With our home service we do carry a wide range of women’s and men’s rings. But our collection is organised to help guide couples through the different styles and features, to help you gradually narrow down the options.

Once you have a nice shortlist you can further style and tweak the designs – helping to work with your budget – by selecting your preferred metal(s), diamond cut, setting and the wedding band’s width etc.

Then you’re all set to make the final decisions and order the wedding rings that you’re both happy with.

8. Find wedding rings as a couple

Whether you’re looking for matching wedding rings, or completely different styles, being able to view both a wide range of ladies’ and men’s rings in one sitting means you no longer need to shop separately, or go on more than one shopping trip to find your wedding rings.

In our collection, many of the styles also work as unisex. They can then be finished in the width and metal you prefer, and further customised.

Who knows, your partner might be browsing for their rings when you unexpectedly spot one you really love too.

At the very least you get to see quite a few styles that you might not otherwise have gotten the chance to consider.

9. Fit buying your rings in with your busy schedule

Maybe you work weekends or work away for long periods? Perhaps you and your partner have very different schedules?

Maybe you feel you just don’t have the time, with all that’s involved in planning your big day, to go shopping for your wedding rings too?

Having the option to schedule a home visit and to have someone bring a wide range of wedding rings directly to you can be a real help.

It’s a particularly useful option for couples with busy lives, or those who just don’t want the hassle of heading to town and then going shop-to-shop to try to find the right wedding rings.

10. Enjoy buying your wedding rings


This is a biggie for us!

Buying wedding rings, just like the wedding day itself, should be a totally positive, happy experience. Right!?

Just like meeting new people, buying new things or doing things to make life easier; it’s way better when it’s an enjoyable experience too.

There should be a friendly, relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere when you buy your wedding rings – it’s something we firmly believe here at I Do Wedding Rings.

After all, who’s got time for dealing with bored staff or people having a bad day?

‘Can’t you see we’re organising the happiest day of our lives here! Shine a little light on it, or try breaking into a smile at least. Sheesh!’

For our part, we’re social creatures at the end of the day. And there’s a nice level of interaction and sociability that you get being invited into someone’s home that you just don’t see as much in the old commercial environment of a shop.

OK, if we’re honest, we’re biased. We love what we do and we get a lot of joy out of meeting new people too. So we’d always champion this approach. But our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive since we started our home service.

And we’re thrilled when we hear the home visit approach has been a real help and enjoyment to our couples too.

If you’d like more information on buying your wedding rings at home, get in touch or send us a private message on Facebook.

Well, there you have it, 10 great reasons why…

‘…wait a moment…’

Ah, you thought we’d forgotten didn’t you?

We did say 10 reasons – and an extra bonus one’.

OK. Bonus reason…are you ready for it?…Here it comes…

11. Be different

new pastures

Don’t know any other couples yet who’ve bought their wedding rings at home?

That’s OK. You’re a trailblazer, a discoverer, someone in the know – you venture forth while others stick with the same old, same old.

If you do have any questions or reservations you’d like addressed first before you opt for a home visit, drop us a line or give us a bell – our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

We’re friendly, chatty, slightly over-caffeinated people and we’d love to hear from you.

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