The Perfect Fit

Shape your wedding ring to fit your engagement ring.

Our Perfect Fit service lets you style your wedding ring so it fits with your engagement ring and compliments it beautifully.

Shape, style and cut

Shaped to fit perfectly around your engagement ring

Your fitted wedding ring can be cut and styled in different ways to get the desired fit around your engagement ring and to match its design.

shaped-to-fit standard style
Shaped to fit
shaped-to-fit curved style
shaped-to-fit cut-out style
Cut out
shaped-to-fit irregular style
Shaped to fit irregular

Whether you want your wedding band to fit a square, twist, halo, pear-shaped or other engagement ring design, your wedding ring can be cut, shaped and styled to ensure the best possible fit, into or around your engagement ring.

Getting the perfect fit

How your shaped ring is made

When you request the Perfect Fit service during your home visit, we’ll discuss your design requirements, the different options available and how you’d like your wedding ring to fit with your engagement ring.

option form for shaped-to-fit wedding rings
engagement ring being modelled with shaped-to-fit wedding ring

We’ll ask for your engagement ring on the night – we’ll take great  care of it – and send it to our manufacturer so they can ensure the best possible fit with your wedding ring.

Your engagement ring is digitally scanned to produce a 3D image for your wedding ring to be crafted around – working in this way means we can also get your engagement ring back to you as quickly as possible.

3D scanned engagement and wedding ring model in CAD software

Once a 3D image of your engagement ring is rendered, a computer model of your wedding ring is designed, following your specifications.

A wax prototype of your wedding ring is then made. Final adjustments to this are made by hand to ensure the perfect fit.

wax prototype wedding ring being made
wedding band shaped to fit around engagement ring - CAD image

Meanwhile, we will send you CAD images of your ring for approval. You can see exactly how your wedding ring will fit with your engagement ring – and start getting excited!

Once your happy with the design, our craftsmen will begin the final stages of crafting your shaped-to-fit wedding ring in your choice of precious metal.

shaped-to-fit wedding ring being hand-crafted and quality checked

Returning your engagement ring faster

We realise you may be reluctant to be without your engagement ring for a time, so we take great care with your ring and return it to you as quickly as possible.

We aim to have your engagement ring back to you within 10 working days, though it’s often sooner than this and faster than with equivalent high street services.

Your engagement ring is insured while in our care and we’ll give it a complimentary clean and polish while it’s away.

Rings that were meant to be together

Made for each other

wedding rings shaped to fit with engagement ring

There’s a wide range of options available with our Perfect Fit service to ensure your wedding ring fits beautifully and looks great beside your engagement ring.

Choose your preferred diamond cut and setting on your Shaped-to-Fit wedding ring, as well as the finish and any other detailing, so that it matches or nicely compliments the style of your engagement ring.

Shaped-to-Fit rings with great home service

Book your home visit now and tell us your ideas about your custom made Shaped-to-Fit wedding ring.

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